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Reasons for Divorce
Reasons for Divorce

Marriage is when two different people come together to form a family, as planned by the law, to continue for a lifelong spiritually and physically. The two people enthusiastically say "YES" and the story begins. In 2014 Turkey's 600,000 marriages occurring, 130,000 divorces took place the same year. Family Marriage Couple Consultant from Istanbul Mylife Psychology Center. Dr. Ekrem Çulfa explained the reasons that ended the marriage. Today, almost one in every 4-5 marriages results in separation. These figures show that it is very important to keep alive and continue as well as to marry. In our country, 2 out of every 5 marriages are divorced in the first five years. Research In Turkey, the most important reason for the divorce of discord, deceit-deceived, show that violence and abandonment. But these reasons need to be opened a little more. Here are the most common causes of divorce:
1. Lying:
If trust is damaged like any relationship, after a while spouses become skeptical of each other. It is difficult to repair the trust that is difficult to establish but easily destroyed.

2. Economic troubles:
There may be economic problems from the beginning and ongoing, as well as a lot of negativities such as losing their job during marriage or bankruptcy and the resulting debts, credit card debts, execution.
3. Violence, humiliation and criticism:
People in marriage want to have positive emotions. However, constant criticism, humiliation, and the introduction of violence make marriage a paperless situation even if there is no divorce.

4. Deception:
In deception, the defect is not a deception but a deception. However, the deceived person sees himself inadequate. Forgiving the cheater ensures this behavior continues. After distrust begins, marriage becomes unbearable.

5. Attempt to change the other party:
The knowledge and life view of the person to date does not change easily. Debate; on the contrary, it creates a stubborn attitude. If people do not express what they want from each other clearly and by adding their feelings, the relationship is blocked.

6. Crowded lives:

Some couples in our country live with their family elders, or families intervene in the relationship. Everyone in marriage should be responsible for their own family. Facing his wife with his family and ignoring it causes people to lose faith and trust in each other.

7. Getting away from each other:
Many couples become unable to allocate time to each other due to the stress of business life and children's needs during their marriage. After a while, they become alienated due to this negligence.

8. To continue on the road without solving the problems:
Occasionally, congestion occurs in marriage. If one or both of the couples ignore this, the crises gradually increase, and this accumulation eventually causes explosions. People also do not know where to start to find the solution to the problem.

9. Sexual problems:
Sex life which is good at the beginning sometimes gradually loses its importance due to the intensity of living conditions, economic problems and problems of family members. After a while, people either get sexually absorbed from the opposite side or they feel that they are not liked.

10. Alcohol, gambling and psychological problems:
When these kinds of problems begin, people begin to manage each other first. However, in the end, the relationship becomes difficult. The family begins to be neglected. As soon as you notice such problems, you should not hesitate to get professional support.

You can call our Professional Support Line 05447243650 for Separation, Divorce and Family-Marriage-Couple Problems Solutions.

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