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Why Did Family Marriage Couple Therapy Grow So Much?
Why Did Family Marriage Couple Therapy Grow So Much?

Since the word therapy is often used to improve the current situation, couple and family marriage therapy are the sessions to improve the situation between couples or relationships within the family, as the name suggests.

It is not always possible to carry out communication without any problems in the relationship between men and women. When extra care is taken for the smooth progress of Family Marriage and Couple life, this time, a problem like monotony is included in the relationship. Likewise, in the relationship between parents, children, and children, there are many problems related to many different issues. The best choice to make in such cases; Family marriage from a specialist is to receive couple therapy.

What Are the Benefits of Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy, the disputes between couples; are psychotherapy sessions where it is understood how to solve emotional fluctuations and your own mental problems without being presented to the other party. In these professional sessions, couples often attend the sessions, and the process is advanced to eliminate common problems by taking speech therapy individually, by listening to both sides of the expert and creating a solution process and road map. This process not only affects families but also children. You can prepare a healthy future for your children with family therapy service.

The greatest benefit of this therapy to be taken is that it allows couples to overcome the problems between them without breaking and tearing each other, and perhaps to be able to carry out their relations much better than their previous course.

The fact that it is not a preferred method in our society until today was due to the fact that everybody could handle every job best in terms of the culture we grew up with, and that the relational situations were perceived as "intimate" and did not want to open up to the environment and the doctor. However, in recent years, this perception has been broken and it has been accepted as the most logical solution tool to get help from the expert and correct our problems with our partner who has an important place in our lives.

What are the Effects of Family Therapy on Family Members?

Considering that the family environment in which each individual grows is different; In adulthood, situations may not always improve in the process of becoming a family with another person. The child's upbringing style, especially in family structures that have children; The role model patterns of the mother or father and the conflicts in the dialogues of the evil couples over time may bring an absolute need for family therapy. Psychologist, Mylife Psychology in Istanbul will help you with its professional team.

With the family marriage couple therapy to be taken, both parents and children / children can be put into psychotherapy to determine exactly what the problem is and at what point the change should be started. Because the problems between the couples affect not only the individuals themselves, but also the individual family relationships that the couples have, and the children who live in a tense environment in the house, if any. You can call our Professional Hotline 05447243650 and contact us. Remember, Healthy Individuals Create Healthy Family, Healthy Families Create Healthy Community.

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