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What is psychotherapy? When should psychotherapy support be obtained?
What is psychotherapy? When should psychotherapy support be obtained?

Psychotherapist Ekrem Çulfa gave information about psychotherapy.

Psychotherapist Ekrem Çulfa, "Psychotherapy is generally a Greek word formed by the combination of psycho (psyche) and therapy (healing) terms. According to the result, psychotherapy is repaired, healed, healed, brought to the level of consciousness of the subconscious conflicts, and working with them to become aware of the client. ensuring that the person's behavior is unconscious on the surface of the conscious is the cornerstone of the psychotherapy process.

It is the task of the psychotherapist to specialize in the field of education and who have trained a specific therapy school, fulfilled the requirements, diagnose and evaluate the problem, apply the need for mental help and treatment, and examine them as a whole. Psychotherapy; one journey is not the person who decides which way to go on your behalf on this journey, but the psychotherapist is the lantern that provides road maps to his client, and illuminates the dilemmas in his story and the difficulties he faces in his dark paths; it is the person who has the ability and competence to use certain techniques while relieving the mental anguish suffered by the client and gaining a new perspective on him. Being a living being; He is in constant interaction with other people since his birth. While many factors such as emotion, thought, excitement and so on form the internal processes of the person, communication with other people, the events experienced, conflicts and similar factors constitute the external processes of the person.

The fact that a human being is a social entity is formed by evaluating the events he / she lives in with conscious or unconscious processes and reflecting the behavior that suits him ".

Çulfa stated that although there are traces of the current situation in the decisions and choices made by the person, the traces of the past experiences also affect the behavior, decisions and habits of the person, "In this case, the human is not only a soulless being who reacts to the situation he lives in, but in the situation where he lives. While it is an effective asset that makes its own spiritual, people sometimes make the right decision and make healthy choices in their interaction with their internal and external processes, sometimes it can be difficult to do so, and the need for help arises and they need to go to psychotherapy in psychotherapy sessions. differently, it contributes to the client's development of a new understanding of the events experienced by the client by staying objective, not to cover the difficulties he / she has experienced, but rather He acts as an "additional pair of eyes and ears" to enable him to see from the psychotherapy sessions; it does not apply to relieve you, to grant you rights, or to decide on your behalf. The therapist does not mind you, tell your personal opinion, comment or criticize you for what you have told. It helps you to know yourself and to realize your personality traits. After a while, unlike the ideas given by his friends and his environment, he can develop a new understanding in sessions, change his old thoughts, and better understand his personal map. Another important factor that separates the therapy sessions from the conversations in the friend environment is; therapies are done within a certain framework. "It is important to have a professional relationship and ethical rules between the therapist and the client, not to have a private contact with the clients outside the session hours, not to have any blood ties, kinship or friendship relationship with the client, and not to establish an emotional relationship." .

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