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Online Psychological Counseling and Family-Marriage-Couple Counseling Service?
Online Psychological Counseling and Family-Marriage-Couple Counseling Service?

The topic of Online Psychological Counseling has come to the fore again, when many people cannot stay out at home because of the coronavirus epidemic. Online Psychological Counseling; It has been developed for those who cannot find time to get psychological help due to today's intense work tempo, who want to stay in a professional environment with a helpless person in the face of sudden changes, who do not prefer a face to face therapy, and who cannot live in abroad because of language problems. method. Online psychological counseling service that has been implemented by experts on hundreds of websites for years abroad (such as coronavirus, infectious disease epidemic, danger, war, strict management, curfew…) is at your service in extraordinary situations…

You can get online professional psychological help and consult your questions or problems with experts at your workplace, at home or in a suitable environment where silence is provided, day or night.

It is recommended for those who cannot go to the psychologist due to having to stay in quarantine, work intensity, transportation problems, being out of the home, absence of psychologists in the region, economic reasons and many other reasons, and the number of people receiving this service is increasing day by day. In some situations where you need urgent psychological support, Online Psychological Counseling is the best option for you.
When receiving online consultancy, it is implemented within the privacy, security and ethical rules.

Here are the advantages of the services you can benefit in the digital society and in the new world order;
 → Work Density, transportation difficulty, social phobia, the need to hide your identity, the opportunity to receive service at any time you want,
 → Having the opportunity to meet with a Specialist immediately, as well as the peace of being a specialist,
 → Having the opportunity to reach a therapist at home, at work, on travel, on vacation,
→ The need to hide his identity because of his professional career, being faster and more economical,
 → Useful in case of shyness, shyness, to speak to a specialist face to face,
 → The opportunity to find a practical and quick solution in case the people living abroad cannot go to the psychologist because of the foreign language problem and there is no psychologist in their residence,
 → Some people prefer online therapy over face-to-face therapy because; they are more comfortable writing, feel more honest in sharing their problems fully.
 → Facilitating expressing feelings in the comfortable environment of their homes.
Online Consultation is generally applied in 4 ways depending on your choice:
1. Messenger Consultation: It is a professional consultation method that is done by using a computer on the internet and by using one-to-one correspondence between the expert and the client by using messenger. After the necessary procedure is completed, the appointment time is determined together and the professional meeting begins at the specified time. If the interview is interrupted for any reason, the missing time is completed later.

2. Mobile or Fixed Telephone Consultation: This is a telephone counseling method. After the required procedure is completed, the appointment time is determined mutually and you are given a fixed telephone number or a mobile phone number specific to the therapy. You start to meet with the expert you have chosen at the appointed time.

3. E-Mail Consultancy: It is a method of consultation between the expert and the client, using one-to-one correspondence, by using a computer in the internet environment. Again, after the required procedure is completed, it is a system that is charged by reading and writing times.
4. Video Call Consultancy (via Skype, Whatspp, Facebook etc.)
After the necessary procedure is completed, the appointment time is determined together and the meeting starts at the specified time.

Privacy and Security Agreements Which Online Professional Consultancy Companies Usually Apply:
• You must read and accept the agreement before using the Online Consultancy Service.
• Psychological Counseling companies, who work with quality and ethics, provide you with conscientious advice on providing quality, scientific-based psychological support and guidance.
• They aim to offer you an easy, practical, economical, flexible and ethical counseling, therapy and guidance service with this professional service.
• Personal Security; Online Psychological Counseling companies are NOT a CRISIS CENTER.
• If you are seriously considering suicide and experiencing different physical hazards, turn off your computer immediately and contact the nearest law enforcement and / or healthcare provider, or call the 155 and / or 112 hotline.
• You can get professional service after deadly crises are overcome.
• Unfortunately, the Online Psychological Counseling service is not provided to the under 18s. If you are under the age of 18, you can attend face-to-face or online therapy sessions with your family.
• In Online Consultancy applications, medication and similar treatment tools are not recommended and treatment is not performed. If medication is needed, you can make an appointment with psychiatrists.
▶ Psychological Counseling is definitely not medical treatment, health protection service. There are clinics and health institutions serving in this regard. Do not stop your medical treatment while you are receiving online psychological help.
▶ Online Psychological Counseling service does not provide treatment related to direct or indirect mental illnesses.
▶ The therapist cannot receive what the client transmits in body language during online counseling, but sometimes writing may be more effective than face-to-face therapy.
▶ Experts are not responsible for technical problems during the Online Psychological Counseling interview. When the interview is disrupted for technical reasons, the remaining time is completed later.
▶ Users who benefit from our online support services are deemed to have accepted these items in advance.
▶ Privacy; Your privacy is very important for the Psychological Counseling company or specialist. Your personal information will remain completely confidential.
▶ Make sure that the sites where you will receive Online Psychological Counseling Services are officially registered and taxpayers.
▶ Do not seek psychological help from unfamiliar, trusted, and illegal websites.
▶ Online psychotherapy is a conversation via a video connection on the internet. It is a scientifically valid technique approved by the "American Psychiatric Association" (APA).
▶ Mylife You can call our mobile phone / whatsapp line to get online therapy, which is frequently applied in psychology 05333738123


You can call for detailed information 0533 373 81 23. Appointments can be made every day from 07:00 to 24:00 at night.

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