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Why Are We Overwhelmed in the Corona Virus and Quarantine Process?
Why Are We Overwhelmed in the Corona Virus and Quarantine Process?

In the corona virus epidemic and quarantine process, we spend time that we all need professional support. When we have plenty of time to listen and understand ourselves, wouldn't it be best to do this with an expert who can guide us?

Our successful psychologists serving Mylife Psychology have prepared a series of articles for you to support us on how to spend these challenging days efficiently with ourselves.
Here is a specially written online professional letter

“Our dear friends,
Because of the virus epidemic, the issue that people around the world had difficulties, talked about, and made jokes on was to follow the rule of not going out and sitting at home. When the police in France warned an outside citizen, he rebelled and said, "I live in a studio, I have to go out." The fact that people organized house parties in Italy and they had a barbecue outside, rebelled the mayor. In us, the police tried to catch people who escaped from quarantine. Have you ever thought why are people having so much trouble sitting in their homes?
"The meaning is out," says Frankl. Yes, the meaning is outside with other people, that is, socializing. "Get out and help people, how are you doing if you can't do anything," says Viktor Frankl to depressed people who find life meaningless. Other people make people's lives meaningful. So we need other people. It is good for us to connect with people, sometimes to say something even to a person we do not know on the street, to talk to him about an insignificant subject. Because we understand that we live and exist with that person. Now what a good opportunity for people to be lazy, to watch movies on TV, to complete their work at home when they are at home? But after a certain time, people want to go out. Because somebody want them to show that they exist and live. The reason for their anxiety and panic feeling when they cannot do this is due to not being able to feel their experience.
You will ask if this applies to those who live with their family at home. Yes, they are not alone, there is someone who will always remind them that they live, but they want to go out after a while. Because when people are always together, life and relationship become the same. Habits now dominate their lives. Food is eaten at the same time, the same television programs are watched, the same topics are discussed, which is usually determined by television. They start pretending that everyone at home knows what others want. That's when those people start not feeling that they are still living. They need to talk to another person on different topics, asking someone to say, "Your face looks pale, are you sick?", "What do you think about the course of the economy?" Nowadays, we have seen that the social media, which they have not fallen before, does not meet the need for this face-to-face relationship. Man finds meaning in life by showing him that another person is living.

Now a question comes to mind of man. If there is no one else, does human exist? How can one feel that it exists alone?

According to the philosophy of logotherapy, human exists in all conditions. There is a person, even if he does not meet anyone, or does nothing. Human exists with its inherent features, abilities and values. The important thing is that people can see it. When a person cannot see his own existence, he falls into anxiety. Now we have a unique opportunity to do it ourselves. We have time to do this in these days when we take a break from the daily rush.
We will try to remember our past lives. What have we done, what have we experienced in our lives to date? Every person definitely gave something to other people in his life and got something from them. First of all, your mother, father or people who care for you took care of you in the early days of your life to help you continue your existence in the world. They have already supported you to come to the world for your development. After you became an adult, you contributed to the development of people around you. No matter who you are, whatever you engage in, you have supported other people and other living things. Is there any power that can eliminate what you do? What you do is unique to you. Nobody can do someone else's job. If you are a blacksmith, they produced using the tools you made with the wrought iron. If you are a teacher, hundreds, maybe thousands of children who have taught something have grown and developed and have provided other services to people. If you are a lawyer, you have contributed to the implementation of justice by helping people in distress. If you are a psychologist, you have contributed to raising awareness to continue life by giving professional support to people who are in difficult situations. If you are a scientist, you have contributed to the development of science by contributing to the development of humanity. If you are a doctor, you have relieved the pain of people and made them hug and live again. If you have a shop, you have tried to meet the needs of people from your shop. If you are an artist, you became an interpreter of people's emotions by creating works of art. If you are a farmer, you have fed people with what you produce. Who can eliminate what you do?
Viktor Frankl told the woman who lived the last days of her life, was in a deep depression and said, "All my life has gone through serving people and now I'm dying," who says, "Who can take all this from you, what you have done will be with you forever and will be protected." ”Words made the woman spend her last days happily.
Now consider the happy memories you have throughout your life. Imagine the moments in which you feel peaceful with details. Create a life story of happy memories again. If your life story is one of the happy memories, tell your life to your relatives. Show them their place in this story. So that they can see their contribution to your happiness. If necessary, share your happy stories by writing, blogging and social media and your dreams after corona virus quarantine. Always keep in mind that the world cannot always go bad. If necessary, do not hesitate to get professional help online.
With love and respect,

Mylife Psychological Counseling and Coaching Center

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