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Benefits of applying to psychotherapists during stressful and difficult periods
Benefits of applying to psychotherapists during stressful and difficult periods

It should be worked with psychotherapists during quarantine and illness periods because it is difficult to control the mood in these processes. First of all, what is the mood? It is necessary to clarify the subject; As the name suggests, it is an expression of the emotional state of the person. As a psychological term, mood is the constant emotional state that the person's environment can observe and the person can specify. Mood, which can contain multiple emotions, can also express emotional intensity.
In Turkey, there are a lot of benefits from time to time in the province to assess the developments that have followed the announcement of the curfew. Namely; some people have difficulty in acting correctly and logically at dangerous times, regardless of age. During the pandemic period, it is necessary to manage social behavior first. Curfew is essential for protection, solidarity and compliance. For this, continuous trust should be encouraged and studies should be conducted with social psychologists and psychotherapists.

When I evaluated the attack of people who panic after the decision of the Ministry of the Interior to impose curfew in 30 metropolitan cities and Zonguldak on Friday, April 10, 2020; The pandemic, which has been in our serious agenda for about two months and in our active life for a month, continues in a very spooky and effective way all over the world with increasing deaths day by day. In fact, pandemic is a psychological concept. In pandemic, people face the perception of restriction, disability, intense uncertainty and an insurmountable danger rather than the fear of transmission of the virus.

Pandemic psychology creates insecurity

Regarding the psychological background of people flocking to the markets with a sudden decision, I can say the following: The pandemic psychology, in which anxiety and stress turn to human as constant tension, creates insecurity. Keeping it under control, being constantly vigilant to avoid danger, is quite tiring and the slightest spark can also trigger anger. Because anxiety produces evil scenarios as a result of uncertainty, the mind can engage timeless timeless anger to cope with its fear. In other words, fears that go along with anxiety during these periods may seek uncontrolled security and calm with an outburst of anger.

In times of crisis, everybody looks for solutions.
Uncertainty is a situation that really strains and stretches people. Because the sense of 'being safe', which normalizes the flow of life, gets out of control in such difficult times. With this perception of danger and threat, people feel the need to do something, that is, to keep things under control. The simplest reflection of this is continuous shopping, stocking and storing food. In times of crisis, every person looks for a solution. He washes his hand, cleans his house, checks it, etc. The reason for this is the need to control and control events. Ignoring the rules, along with the need for continuous action, is also the result of anxiety and is not about trusting management or authority. For this reason, we witnessed yesterday that people did not take the explanations seriously and flocked to the markets and bakeries with the idea of "Let me be cautious despite everything."

In situations such as curfews taken with a sudden decision, general anxiety can become even more dominant than the fear of corona virus.

It is also a psychological fact that people who see that they are flocking to the markets and bakeries on social media are affected by the "I must shop too, the situation is bad", because they are under the same anxiety and put on the roads; Anxiety, panic, and anxiety become even more prevalent than the fear of the virus and infect the environment. The two-day curfew that was announced only for the weekend on Friday, April 10, 2020, and the sad scenes we witnessed are all about pandemic psychology. And people all over the world behave uncontrollably, similar to this psychology. In addition, with the modern life, the individual skills and productivity of people started to be disabled. As the busy city and working life lead people to preparation, the search for comfort in every area has also increased. And this comfort began to be felt as needed over time. In difficult times such as epidemic diseases, human deprivation from individual skills and inability to know how to deal with difficulties are another reason for panic and anxiety. Being away from knowledge, skills and experience in many subjects such as eating and drinking and textile turns to the person as helplessness in pandemic situations. Foreign-dependent, self-productive, ready-made experiences may make people feel helpless and vulnerable in such situations.

Combating pandemic accomplishes faster when social behaviors are brought under control

Unfortunately, the loneliness of modern people and their dependence on external needs increase day by day, the sense of trust in social and family life, people turn back to each other's troubles, individualization is unfortunately harmful to modern life. Those who believe that they will not be able to benefit from their neighbors or their relatives naturally experience more panic and trust problems. This loneliness that spreads like a virus weakens the emotional resistance and psychological power of man. When social behaviors are brought under control, combating pandemic succeeds.

Outbreaks can only be prevented if people follow the rules and prohibitions.

In order to manage the behaviors and take it under control, it is necessary to provide psychological trust first. It is necessary to repeat that in the methods of coping with pandemic, the main need centers such as market, bakery, bank, hospitals, pharmacies will always be open to the public. Because uncertainty triggers a sense of famine and ignores the rules with the urge to survive. And despite the serious danger of life, people forget the real danger and run to the lap of the epidemic for food.

Studies should be carried out with pandemic and quarantine processes, psychotherapists and social psychologists, and professional or personal help should be obtained.

Some people may have trouble acting correctly and logically at dangerous times, regardless of age. Not everyone has a structure. For this reason, unfortunately, in the time of panic, most people are not affected or even interested in their announcements and messages given that they are highly affected by each other's fear and anxiety. Here, it is very important that the administration gives confidence to the public by explaining repeatedly and in detail as it explains to a small child and insisting on the guarantee of continuity of food and health services. In the pandemic process, it is necessary to manage social behavior first. This is a requirement for curfew, protection, solidarity and compliance with the rules. For this, continuous trust should be encouraged and studies should be conducted with psychotherapists. If you cannot manage the process, professional support should be obtained face to face by paying attention to online, video or disinfection rules.
Psychotherapist Appointment Line 05447243650.

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