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In the most desperate moments of our lives, all words are gone, one word remains, "mother" ... When everything is over, the heart returns to where it started; To the mother ... That's exactly why there is such a special day between special days; “Mother's Day” is the most precious day of special days celebrated throughout the year. It is worth noting that this special day is important not to make you forget how precious mothers are for you. If we consider the efforts of our mothers, it is necessary to live every day like Mother's Day. Nowadays when the priorities in our lives and our consumption habits have changed due to the corona virus, the health of our loved ones and the importance of true happiness have increased in our minds.
The process of co-fighting against the quarantine and corona virus has recently strengthened family ties, whether they are with the family or away from the family. It is useful to underline that the organizations, which are thought out in detail, valuable gifts or activities that have been planned for months have been left to more valuable and more important feelings. Maybe we are in a period when we need the support of our loved ones, who could not spare time even though we wanted so much because of the intense rush of our lives.
Even many who oppose the celebration of special occasions once a year are extremely sensitive about Mother's Day. Moreover, when our mothers are the subjects of this special day, nobody has the power to object.

The sentences that start with "classic mothers who raise and raise their lives and are ready to give their lives for the sake of their children" are not enough to express the true meaning of motherhood. It is not enough to explain the relationship that started between mother and child before it was born. No book, no science.
Neither psychology, sociology nor biology could finish their definitions. A mother still couldn't explain her love for her child books. What was told was not enough, what was written was not over. There are always things to be told and books to be written.

The relationship that begins with birth lasts until death and does not even end with death. Isn't he a man waiting for his mother's food from his wife? the son in the military first writes his first letter to his mother; a woman looks like her mother, whom she has been very angry with in the past, and the main asset for all children is her mother.

He then defines psychology and health science: Maternal Deprivation!

The concept that we call “Maternal Deprivation” is actually a kind of health problem and is seen especially in young children. It occurs in children who have been away from their mother for a long time or grew up without a mother, and this can lead to some physical and psychological problems due to deprivation.

Being a mother is a very important concept and it is the same in all societies in the world. Motherhood is a very different status with all its meanings. It changes the course of marriages, determines the whole psychology, view of life, and attachment to life. Moreover, it has the same importance and value on all genders, whether it be a woman or a man. In all religions and beliefs, special rights were granted to motherhood and mother.

Details of the relationship with the mother are under almost all psychological problems. If this relationship is damaged, incomplete, if it is wrong, the building blocks of our personality are misplaced, we always start life incomplete, we are insecure towards people.

If we have a mother who hugs and embraces her compassion when we are born, no difficulties we encounter throughout life can not destroy us, nothing can destroy our belief, shake and drop them to the ground.

As a son, our mother's window to life; As a mother, we are indispensable for the lives we bring to the world.

Being a mother does not only mean having a child, but we have mothers who are mothers without giving birth. Those mothers are able to give the biggest, most real love of unrequited love, proving that being a real mother cannot be achieved by giving birth.

Being a mother is a feeling that is superior to everything and different from everything. The recipe, which is the sum of all beautiful emotions and embraces eternity, is an impossible thing.

Being a mother means everything that happens and lives…
Being a mother means being able to understand our mothers many years later, realizing that a lifetime will not be enough to pay our rights over us.

Being a mother means wiping out all the negativities for the sake of a smile and looking at the child with love as if looking at the eighth wonder of the world.

All women are like mothers, whether we are mothers, children, whether we are born or not. We know motherhood from our mother. They are our first teachers, our first loves, our guides on the road to life. Without them, we are a little short, we are novice.

Being a mother is being a good doctor and being able to relieve all the pain with a kiss.

Being a Mother; To be a good lawyer and to defend your child's rights unconditionally anywhere.

Being a Mother; To be a good detector and to be able to spot the sock that disappears in the other room even while in the kitchen

Being a Mother; To be an engineer and to systematically collect toys that fill all parts of the house.

Being a Mother; To be a good cook and to cook according to the wishes of everyone in the house.

Being a Mother; To be a good prophet and to feel the life of his child in his heart even from the other end of the world.

Being a Mother; to be a patient and to give the answer to the same question without getting tired of the same patience.

Being a Mother; To be a good teacher and to teach your child everything he needs.

Being a Mother; To be a good psychologist, pedagogue and to be able to provide online, face-to-face or heart service 24/7.

Being a Mother; is to have the most beautiful, smartest, sweetest, indispensable and never growing child of the world.
It is precisely for these reasons, that the mothers day of our mothers who are 365 days of the year and every day of their lifetime, mothering us, enlightening our way, giving us life, giving life and giving blood…

To make her feel valuable ...

It should be emphasized that Mother's Day is not forgotten in these days when we live socially and focus on our emotions rather than things. It is important that your feelings and thoughts are reflected on your mother rather than the quality of the gift you will give while celebrating Mother's Day. Preparing a small original surprise that will remind your mother how much you love her and how valuable she is for you will make her feel very valuable especially during these difficult days. Even if you cannot prepare a surprise, be sure to say that you love it, it is very valuable for your mother. We must not forget that the most beautiful and lasting gift is our sincere feelings.

Gift suggestions for Mother's Day…

- You can prepare a nice breakfast / sahur for your mother and start the day happy. The important point is not only to prepare but also to have a pleasant breakfast / sahur together.
- You can take over the routines and responsibilities of your mother for a day. No matter how skilled you are. This will especially support young children to empathize.
- You can prepare a text about your feelings, or even a notebook for your mother. Even if you convey your thoughts about it to your mother in daily life, it would be a nice gift to put it in writing and make it permanent.
- You can prepare a decoration or a picture for your mother for the most beautiful corner of the house. You can do this with your mother's initial letter. You can repair and renew an item that you love and wear out.
- At home, you can put an article in your room where your mother spends the most time, reminding you that you love her and put it in a place where she can see constantly. You can make a magnet with a photo of your happy moment or frame a beautiful photo and give it to your mother.
- Children can make hand or foot prints, and then color or prepare pictures that express their feelings to their mothers with colored pencils. It will be a very valuable gift that will be kept for years.

Happy Mother's Day every day of our mothers who are 365 days of the year, every day of their lifetime, mothering us, enlightening our way, giving life to us, giving life and giving blood….

Hail to the children who know their mother's worth. Shame on those who torment their mothers, those who see them as slaves, those who do not seek and ask, and who do not know their value ...

Every day “Mother's Day” to You…?

For those who want to correct their mothers, those who want to make peace or who want to open a white page, they can reach us on +905447243650 from our professional support line.

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