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What are the benefits of getting online therapy in our hard days?
What are the benefits of getting online therapy in our hard days?

Since our hard days such as the Quarantine and CoronaVirus process started, we have experienced radical changes in many of our routines, many habits. Of course, it was added to concerns and troubles about not seeing the future and not managing our lives. Psychotherapy got its share from this change in our way of doing or taking psychotherapy.

So why did these changes happen? Why did we have to experience such drastic changes? Life does not change human paradigms without suppression or coercion. In other words, he does not change his glance, values, lifestyle, style and customs. Life has been badly suppressed in the corona days as a therapist. There are psychology offices, psychological counseling centers, therapy centers, clinics, hospitals… they worked there. Somehow clients and people in need of psychotherapy could reach out to whom they would receive services. Now we have no such opportunity. They had to sit at home in their therapist.

As a result, this rapid transformation is the result of all these factors. Now we are using our ability to reach the client from where we are now without leaving our home. Online therapy beyond consult with my AnlArImIzA ulaşamamız we see every day now from where I sit, Turkey's to any party or even the world's therapy instead is being able to offer any service. I am not talking about a simple change of transformation, so when our adventure with the Corona virus is over, I am not saying that the psychotherapy practice will return to its original state, because it will not! We will all be seeing our clients again in our own offices in our own places, but with online therapy we will have more access. No matter where it lives in any corner of our country or the world, if we have at least a phone or a computer, we can provide online psychotherapy.

Previously the process of the process, such as the pandemic reaches remote AnlArImIzA we could consult, but this is not anything new in Turkey psychotherapy world until recently did not use this facility. As a therapist and developing countries which do not already have very few therapists on each side of Turkey. Whether we are in America, England or Germany, it will be a bit of an exaggeration, but there are five therapists per square meter. There, we can find a therapist with whom we want to be trusted, who has received adequate therapy training. Turkey 'is not so, the history of psychotherapy in Turkey are living in the most central locations in major cities and the very yeni.terapist. Therefore, it is difficult to reach competent psychotherapists. For years we have been trying to overcome this challenge by focusing on the therapy training of professionals.

Now that education and therapy services will provide much faster and more efficiently as Turkey's infrastructure did not allow for this study until a few years ago, the technology was not yet developed. Also, when you announced such a service, many therapists had to be working in the field to meet the need that would arise. Our preparations were continuing, but the Korona virus and quarantine process caused us to solve the problem urgently.

There have been an earthquake or another disaster and people are in need somewhere far away and it is not so easy to reach them! In places where there are not enough therapists as in Elazig, it is now possible to overcome the deficit with online therapy.

We have been working on the question of what to do and what not to do in online therapy for the past ten years. We have provided Online Therapy training to psychotherapists who are well educated and know from Mylife Psychological Counseling Centers online. This training will continue with supervisions, thus increasing efficiency. We will now provide online access to clients who need mental health care. I hope everything will be better for all of us. I wanted to give this good news to you.

I wish you all success with two strings from Nazım.

“No, it is like losing hope and being blown into the dark

Remember, living under the same sky is a resistance ”

You can contact us at the phone numbers or whatsapp lines below.
0533 373 81 23
0532 158 35 55

Mylife Psychology and Coaching Centers Gen. Dir.
Prof. dr. Ekrem Çulfa

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