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In which situations should I go to a psychologist to get psychological support?
In which situations should I go to a psychologist to get psychological support?

We can say that if the situations you live in your life disrupt the functionality of your normal life, if your life quality decreases and if it has been going on for a while, you have psychological problems.

If someone who has a psychological problem wants to solve this problem, they should definitely get professional help from a psychologist ...
Just as we have a flu in the winter or when our teeth are painful, if we go to the doctor and get treatment, we should go to a psychologist and get psychological treatment sessions.


What are the benefits of going to the psychologist? How can a psychologist help me?

The benefits of going to a psychologist are not just counting, but the most important benefit is that it helps you take control of the psychological problems you are experiencing. Your perspective on life will change and you will be a new one. It will help you to change the negative system functioning in your brain and to look more objectively at life. It will be a third-party professional looking out to help you realize the mistakes you make in your life. It will help you understand and recognize yourself…

The thought that comes to people's mind when it comes to psychologists is this; I will tell, he will listen and then I will be better or some of them evaluate it as a friend chat in order to qualify them. However, during the psychological interview and evaluation, a detailed evaluation is made about the person and the problem in order to understand what the problem is. Some psychological tests can be used during this evaluation. After understanding what the problem is, the client is informed about the steps to be taken, the method of therapy to be applied, and the therapy process. The next stage is the therapy stage. Here, we act according to the therapy method to be applied.


 What are the situations that need psychological support?

+ Intense feelings about anxiety, pessimism, hopelessness, etc. about the future,

+ An emotional and mental frustration or depression with no apparent reason,

+ Starting to establish fantasies with thoughts about suicide and death,

+ If you have a sleep disorder that lasts longer than a month,

+ It is at an important decision stage on matters such as marriage, divorce, job change and social relations, and not being able to decide what to do,

+ When the person starts to hurt himself and those around him,

+ Hearing voices that nobody has heard, seeing images that nobody has seen,

+ Needing other people's objective ideas on an important subject,

+ Asking anyone or someone to understand and guide you, regardless of who you are,

+ Uncontrollable panic and anger crises,

+ Overweight or excess weight loss,

+ The inner world, feelings and thoughts of the person are mixed,

+ Beginning to make wrong choices all the time,

+ Incomplete or unresolved works related to the past,

+ If excessive alcohol consumption has started and problems have started to occur due to this,

+ Low self-confidence and desire for self-improvement,

+ The person wants to get to know himself better, to get better information about what he can and cannot do,

If someone is needed to guide like a life coach,

+ If a lot of emotions and thoughts have accumulated in the inner world of the person, and if they want to tell them and relax, they should be provided with psychological support as soon as possible.

Which experts should be preferred for psychological support?

Psychiatrists: After 6 years of education in medicine, by taking the specialty examination in medicine, the medical doctor who specializes in psychiatry are psychiatrists. Her occupational issues are generally mental illnesses, clinical problems, and physical and mental problems. Psychiatrists mostly apply medicated treatment programs. Only the psychiatrists have the authority to give medicine and drug treatment to their patients in psychological problems.

+ Psychologists: Those who graduated from the 4-year faculties of science and literature faculties of universities become psychologists. The fields of psychologists are wider than the psychiatrists. They are more concerned with human behavior and nature than with mental illnesses. If there is no subject they specialize in, they mostly work as assistant psychiatrists in hospitals and clinics.

For psychological support and professional help, you can contact us at 0532 158 35 55 on the phone number and / or whatsapp line below.

Mylife Psychological Counseling and Coaching Centers Gen. Dir.
Prof. dr. Ekrem Çulfa

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