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Ways to Cope with Stubborn Child
Ways to Cope with Stubborn Child

If your child does not listen to your words, reads what he / she knows, does not communicate and behaves reactively, be sure to follow these suggestions and apply them consistently. In this article, I dealt extensively with the "basic ways to deal with the stubborn child". I believe you will read and realize with pleasure. Good luck with…

The 'stubborn period', also called child adolescence, is a period between the ages of 2-4, where children generally follow an insistent attitude, read what they know, have difficulties in communicating and have constant crying spells to achieve what they want. This stage is progressing with various difficulties in which children start to realize that they are independent and fight intense identity. Looking at the general table; It is a healthy process in which the child gains important gains in terms of identity development. What makes the process negative; dysfunctional parental attitudes. Stubbornness developing in children between 18-30 months; It is a structure that will enable you to get the most difficult, exciting and different experiences in the first 3 years and will cause you to experience many emotions at the same time. In the period of persistence, the children push your limits to test their independence and strength by saying "no" to whatever you say and how important they are to you. This period, in which language development begins to accelerate and the child starts to establish connections between emotions, thoughts and events, provides various gains in the long term. The child, who has begun to express his feelings and thoughts gradually, realizes that not everything he wants is realized. This frustration can cause the child to be reactive and disrupt family communication. Child with stable and consistent parenting approaches; It improves both the ability to postpone whatever you want and to delay your requests, as well as the ability to solve problems and produce solutions.
The tricks of having a healthy period;
1- Be Stable and Stable:
Parents should prove their commitment to their children and behave consistently, however parallel approaches should be shown, in which fathers and child relatives are actively involved in the process.
2- When the child has seizures, he / she should try to draw his attention in a different direction or several situations that he likes to do should be offered as an alternative.
3- "No!" The word should be repeated as little as possible. For example "No breaking the vase!" instead, functional sentences like "I know you will keep the vase intact" should be established.
4- The child should be supported on what he wants to do on his own. (Like eating and choosing your own outfit)
5- The child should be observed as well as possible at this stage and there should not be any discourse that will fuel his belief.
6- When fastening, stubbornness and moodiness occur in a crowded place, parents should not step back considering the people looking at them, they should move away from the environment. ("We'll wait in the car until we calm down.")
7- When the child becomes stubborn about anything, attention should not be given to overcome the problem; on the contrary, when the child calms down, it should get closer and show interest.
8- The child should be given various tasks considering the age and motor skills from time to time, and then the process should be followed.
9- Children should be approached with question sentences instead of order sentences. "Come immediately!" instead of saying "What were we doing when the mother called?" like.
If the problem persists without decreasing, it is necessary to get professional help by contacting a specialist adolescent psychologist or pedagog from our normal mobile number 05447243650.

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