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While thinking about how to be motivated one day when I need it badly, I realized that if I had someone behind me, I would be much more successful. But since most of them couldn't help me with this, I started doing it myself and became a motorized person.
When it comes to self-motivation, Wayne Dyer says: “Be desperate or motivate yourself. Whatever needs to be done is always your choice. ”

Zig Ziglar, on the other hand, guides you to keep your motivation constantly as follows: “People often say that motivation does not continue. Showering is the same and that's why they recommend doing it daily. "

Some days you wake up motivated and ready. Some days, however, you have a hard time getting up, you don't want to go out and discover that desire within you. At least most people are like that. So, as a result of my research over the last years, I have discovered simple and clever strategies that motivate me and get me to do things.
Here are the methods you can use to become your own motivational coach and self-generator:

1. Start unmotivated if necessary. Just start and try to build the motivation later. You don't need to wait to be motivated to get started. If you want to work regularly every day, it will take some days to achieve this. And the funny thing is, after working out for a while, you realize that things are so easy and fun, and you start to be motivated. Make sure to read my "What You Need to Know About Motivation":

2. Start against challenges gradually and dividing them into stages rather than a quick start. If bigger things force you, start small. If a project or task is growing in your eyes and doing it is going to be torture for you, break it down into small steps and then move forward, starting with one.

3. Continue steadily on difficult roads in small steps if necessary. If small steps are also challenging, continue with small steps. If splitting a large project into smaller pieces is still challenging, then break it up into even smaller pieces. Take a few small steps. That is all. The important thing is to keep moving forward and to generate momentum for progress.

4. Steadily strengthen your attention and focus. Reduce the distractions in your daily life. When there are things around you that can easily distract you, it will be harder to focus. So close the door of your office. In difficult processes, if necessary, reduce the volume of your mobile phone and place it away from you in your workplace or home.

5. Empower people around you to evaluate you constructively. Let the people in your life evaluate you. Talk to your friends and ask them to keep track of you and your progress. By doing this, you will get rid of many things and not give up at the first hurdle that comes your way.

6. Let the people in your life motivate you. Spend less time with negative people who are always pessimistic or thinking about the bad part of something. Spend more time with people who are willing and motivated and let their energies infect you too.
7. Let people you don't know motivate you. Never limit yourself to just motivating people close to you. There are tons of motivating books, blogs and success stories on the market, and they can touch you and help renew your motivation.

8. Listen to music that energizes you. One of the simplest things I do when my energy or motivation starts to decrease is to start listening to music that will somehow inspire me. Taking a break with a few songs or listening to them while working is often very useful. Be sure to read: Music That Will Increase Your Productivity While You Work

9. Be optimistic. Pessimism absorbs both your energy and motivation. On the other hand, positive and constructive thinking gives you energy and renews your motivation. So when you notice a seemingly negative situation, ask yourself questions like: What is good about it? And what is the opportunity hidden here?

10. Be nice to yourself when you make a mistake. It's easy to think that you are the only one responsible when you fail or make a mistake. However, based on my experience, I cannot say that this works well. You just feel worse and less motivated. So next time try this: Be nice to yourself and get back on track. Be sure to read: If you're not happy, stop complaining and act!

11. Be constructive about failure. Be constructive about your failures to make them something even more valuable and make them less painful. When you stumble, ask yourself: What have I learned from this mistake? Then learn from this and do whatever it is that will help you improve.

12. Compare yourself to yourself and see how far you have gone. Never get upset by comparing yourself and your motivation with others who are way ahead of you.

13. Compete amicably. While at school or at work, enter into friendly competition with a friend to tackle a boring or repetitive task. Even this sense of competition will help you spice things up. And for extra motivation, you can also include a small prize in which the winner will win free ice cream from the other.

14. Remind yourself what you are working for. When you lose your motivation and your energy is low, it is very possible to forget why you did something. So take two minutes and write down 3 main reasons for your study on a piece of paper. Put this note somewhere you can see it every day or save it on your cell phone so you can easily access it whenever you need motivation.

15. Remind yourself what you are getting away from. You can also motivate yourself by reminding you of the negative effects you will encounter when you stay on the current path. Ask yourself this: If I continue on this path for another year, what consequences will it have and what will I be saved from? What if I continue for five more years? In the past years, this exercise has motivated me a lot to start some things.

16. Be grateful for what you have. When your motivation starts to decrease, it will be very easy to evaluate your life from a negative perspective. To focus on what you have and who you are, as well as to increase your positive perspective and motivation, ask yourself a question like: What are the three things I have achieved in my life that I can be thankful for? For example, my responses include: Having a roof over my head, clean water, and not feeling hungry for a long time.

17. Mix things up. It will kill your routine motivation. So mix things up. Compete with yourself or someone else to get a job done. Mix the sequence of movements instead of repeating the same movements even when you exercise. Listen to music streams that you don't normally listen to. New input and difference are great ways to keep motivation high (or refresh). Be sure to read: Things That Will Make You More Successful, Even If You Comfortable.

18. Tidy up your workspace. Take a few moments to clean your table. A compact and minimalistic workspace helps me think more clearly and makes me feel more focused and ready for the next task (or step). Be sure to read: Work Desks for Successful Entrepreneurs

19. Only have a few jobs on your to-do list. An over-filled to-do list can indeed be a motivational absorber. So reduce your existing to-do list to a single task. Keep on your list what is most important to you right now or what you are currently working on. Then start by taking a big, small or tiny step. And put the other list where you can't see it, and put the tasks from that list into your current list one by one. Must Read: Surprising Facts About Doing Many Jobs At The Same Time

20. Don't forget to take a break. One of the things that kills my daily motivation is to work non-stop. Instead, work out at least 45 minutes every hour and use the rest to snack, get out and get some fresh air, and stretch a little. Since your energy, focus and motivation will last longer, you will probably work harder in one day and the quality of your work will increase. Be sure to read: Secret Key to Success: Rest and Relaxation

21. Adjust the size of your target. If a big purpose in your life is burdening you, break it down into smaller goals to get your re-motivation. And if smaller goals aren't inspiring enough for you to aim for bigger things, turn them into slightly bigger goals and watch how they affect your motivation.

22. Exercise. Exercising doesn't just affect your body. It's a proven fact that a 20-30 minute light weight lifting exercise reduces your tension and stress and helps you focus more. Be sure to read: Exercising Makes You Happier Than Money!

23. Take two minutes to look at your achievements. Close your eyes and let the memories of your greatest accomplishments (no matter what area of your life) come before your eyes. Let these positive memories increase your motivation.

24. Reward yourself and celebrate your success (no matter how big or small they are). If you have a nice reward to give yourself after finishing a task or project, your motivation tends to increase. For example, taking a moment to appreciate yourself for what you do or telling someone else about your success keeps your motivation and positive way of thinking alive. So think positively and increase your motivation.

25.Do some research before starting work. Learning from people who have gotten where you want to go and have done the things you want to do helps you avoid making mistakes. And it reveals a more realistic picture for success. This is very important to keep you motivated when things aren't going the way you want.

26. Take two minutes to meditate. When my mind is tired or exhausted, my energy and motivation decrease. So in the evening (or whenever necessary) I sit with my eyes closed and focus on my breathing for two minutes. This clears my mind and takes the tension out of my body. Be sure to read: How Is Meditation Performed?

27. Visit nature. One of the things that gives me new energy and motivation is to accept life as it is. That's why I often walk in the forest or by the sea, and at that time I am only in and there in nature. I wouldn't think of anything special except fresh air.

28. Read educational-instructive-therapeutic stories that will motivate you. Below you will find Jerry's story;

Jerry is someone who is loved by the people around him. He was always in good mood. Because he always had something positive to say. Sometimes he even made people around him crazy because of this habit!
If someone asks how it is; He always replied, "I'm like a bomb." Jerry was a natural motivator.
If one of the people with him was on a bad day, he would run up to him and tell him how to take a positive view of the situation.
It made me think badly about this style. One day I asked; "How is it that you can be such a positive person at all times, under any circumstances?" that ...
"Every morning when I woke up I said to myself, 'Jerry, you have two choices today. Your mortar will either be good or bad!' I always choose to have a good weather. When something bad happens I have two choices again. To be a victim or to take lessons. I choose to learn from bad things that happened to me. When someone complains to me about something, I have two choices again. And to show him the positive side of life. I choose to show the positive. "
I joked, "No man." "It's that easy so ..."
"Yes… easy…" said Jerry.
"Life is about choices. There is a choice in every situation. You choose how to behave in every situation!"
Jerry's words impressed me immensely.
I haven't seen him for many years. But I always remembered him when I made positive choices rather than being beaten by the unfortunate events in my life. A very unfortunate incident happened to Jerry years later. The thieves who came for the robbery riddled Jerry.
His operation lasted 18 hours, and he was in intensive care for weeks.
Some of the bullets were still in his body when he was discharged.
I saw him six months after the incident.
"How are you?" when I ask; "It's like a bomb," he said.
"How did you feel during the incident, Jerry?" I said.
“As I was lying on the floor, I thought I had two choices.
Either I would choose to live or death. I chose to live.
The paramedics who came by ambulance were wonderful people.
They always told me 'you will get well, don't worry'.
But as I drive my stretcher in the corridors of the emergency room
I was scared for the first time when I saw the expression on the faces of doctors and nurses. These eyes were telling me 'This man is dead'.
If I didn't do something, I would soon be a dead man.
A huge nurse approached me and shouted,
He asked me if I needed anything.
I replied, 'There is.
The doctors and nurses paused curiously.
Taking a deep breath, I gathered myself up and shouted:
'I am allergic to bullets! ..'
They started laughing.
I shouted again;
'I chose to live.
Operate me like a living being. It's not like doing an autopsy. '
Jerry lived not only because of the great mastery of the doctors, but also because of his own positive attitude.
His life was a new lesson for me. I learned from him that we have the right and the choice to live our lives to the fullest every day, and that everything depends on our own choices ... "

Now you have two choices:
1. Either you will read this article and throw it away!
2. Or you will share it with someone!
I made my choice. I shared it with you, my dear readers. I expect you to ask your questions about "ways to become your own motivational coach" by writing or calling me on 05447243650 on Whatsapp.
And you? What will you do?

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