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1. Game definition, what is a game?

The game is used for calculating and improving people's physical and mental abilities.
It's a kind of skill-based race. The game develops the mental world of the individual, enables the child to learn by himself, in order to have fun; It is an activity that includes happiness, enthusiasm, excitement and curiosity.

2. What is intelligence, what are intelligence games?

Intelligence is defined as "the ability of the mind to learn, to benefit from what has been learned, to adapt to new situations and to find new solutions". According to this definition, an intelligent person is someone who evaluates what he has learned and can bring new solutions to new situations. Also intelligence; Intelligence games are all of the human ability to reason, perceive objective facts, grasp, judge and draw conclusions. Intelligence games are training methods that open the mind such as quick thinking and reasoning.
What are intelligence games?
MEB intelligence games consist of 6 (six) different categories and diversified intelligence games under each category. These games are entertaining and educational for children. The games that are known as intelligence enhancing games and added to the curriculum as an elective course by the Ministry of Education (Ministry of National Education) are as follows:

Mind Games:
Regional Sudoku
Magic Pyramid
ABC Context
Fence Game
2. Operation Games:
Process Scribble
Transaction Frame
Column Operation
3. Strategy Games:
4x4 Checkers
Three Stones
Nine stone
Number Puzzle
4. Mixed Brain Games:
Cap Transfer
Match Games
River Crossing
Anchor Questions
5. Word and Logic Games:
Word Ladder
Crossword puzzle
Logic Games with 3-4 Variables
Logic Square
6.Mechanical Intelligence Games:
Counting Cube
Shape Creation

3. What are the Basic Factors of Intelligence Games?

Problem solving, communication and reasoning, self-regulation and
There is development of psychomotor skills and affective characteristics.

1. Problem Solving: Intelligence and mind games are based on problem solving.
The problem is not just numbers and figures. Real life materials or fiction and fiction
shapes can also be considered a problem.
2. Communication: Communication is important in today's world. How much you express yourself
you will be more effective. It is also important to have good command of a language to express. Next
it is necessary to use this language well. The communication factor comes to the fore in this circuit. This
Group games are therefore important for communication.
3. Reasoning: There is already this concept on the basis of intelligence and mind games. In order to be successful and fast in these games, it is necessary to base this concept on. The problems learned in the past should be synthesized with the problems learned at the moment, and mentality should be exercised for these issues. Brain games aim to think with varying levels of difficulty.

4. Where and by whom can Intelligence Games be practiced? (What can parents do for support purposes)

A training to be given for intelligence education and intelligence development is of course given by conscious and expert people who have been trained in this field, so that the intended gains are much shorter.
It will be effective in obtaining it effectively and in time. Teacher Student
and as the administrators stated, the teachers who teach this course
people who are not educated in the field, mostly mathematics teachers
or teachers who are more or less interested in this field (who are engaged in intelligence games)
known to die. This situation is actually one of the elective courses in our country.
but in fact, it is expected to take place as a compulsory subject in the school curriculum.
It suggests that teachers and, if necessary, administrators should also receive training on "Intelligence Games" training.

5. What is the importance of Intelligence Games in education?

It is to reason, to think about more than one solution to a problem, to evaluate the issue from multiple perspectives and to be able to approach events with the problem-solution method. It plays an important role in the development of children's capacity to perceive and evaluate problems.

Abilities that must be acquired for the development of reasoning skills:
Analytical thinking ability
-Problem solving ability
-Analysis and original interpretation ability
Intelligence games enable these abilities to develop. Therefore, reasoning skills are also improved. Children with reasoning skills are always in search of solutions to both the problems presented by life and the problems presented by the rote learning system. More importantly, they reach the potential to produce solutions. Intelligence games lesson is planned to discover and develop the intelligence potential of children. Therefore, intelligence games have a very important role in education.

6. What are the Instructional Strategies and Approaches Used in Educational Games?

With educational games, subjects can be made interesting, and even the most passive students can participate in activities. The most important issue; The main purpose here is to reinforce the information learned and to repeat the information.
The educational game has its own rules, structure, and methods by which win and lose are determined. Many games played in daily life can be used for teaching purposes. For example, games such as silent cinema and word derivation can be played.
Teaching methods:
- Expression
- Discussion
- Question - answer
- Observation
- field trip
- Team / Group work
- Don't show
- Practice - practice
- Problem - problem solving
- Brainstorming
- Report preparation and / or presentation
- Project design / management
- Role playing / Dramatizing

7. What types of Intelligence Games are available and is a special area required for intelligence games?

Mind and intelligence games can be examined in 6 groups as mind games, operation games, strategy games, mixed intelligence games, word and logic games, and mechanical games. The environments in which the child's concentration is provided can be preferred.

8. What is the Importance of Intelligence Games in Children's Development?

Intelligence games lesson students' perception and evaluation of problems
to develop their capacities, to create different perspectives,
to make quick and correct decisions when faced with
It will enable them to develop habits, reasoning and their capacity to use logic effectively. With intelligence games, students will better recognize their own abilities and potentials in individual and group work, improve their self-confidence, gain systematic and disciplined work habits for success, and develop their attitudes and behaviors to create alternative solutions and strategies in case of failure (MEB, 2013).

9. Which age range should it be applied to children?

Intelligence games are games that can be played at all ages. Sometimes it can be played to have a good time, sometimes it can be played for development. Mind games should be part of our family, for whatever purpose. Games and activities played together as a family will positively affect your children's cognitive, emotional, thought and mental functions.

10. What are the Achievements or Skills Acquired by Intelligence Games?

When the researches on intelligence games are examined, intelligence games show students' spatial abilities; spatial visualization skills, geometric thinking levels, problem solving strategies and reasoning in two-dimensional geometry.
Intelligence games of active students, where they develop executive skills
It has been found that improving reasoning skills will have a positive effect on students 'learning and increase their interaction with group work, this course has positive contributions to the development of students' different skills such as analysis, synthesis, establishing cause-effect relationships, not giving up in the face of defeat, development in motor skills, and multi-directional thinking.

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