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What is Couples Therapy?
What is Couples Therapy?

couple therapy; It is a field that helps to solve the problems experienced or to be experienced between families and couples in the most professional sense, contributes to the resolution of psychological disorders together, and sheds light on the change and development of the relationship. Thanks to these therapies, serious problems in marriages and relationships can easily be prevented. Today, couples therapies are applied and seen more frequently with each passing day. This, in fact, allows the problems between couples to come to light, and on the other hand, prevents marriages or relationships from progressing in an unhappy or problematic way.

What Are the Causes of Couples Therapy?

There are many different reasons for seeking couples therapy. Domestic violence, conflicts, fights, communication disorders, attitudes, words and many similar situations are actually sufficient and valid reasons for couple therapy, but it is possible to get couple therapy just for the relationship to work properly. Significant and large-scale events do not have to be experienced to receive couples therapy.

Couples therapies are usually carried out to resolve various conflicts that couples experience. When these disagreements reach an advanced level, individuals may want to seek couples therapy, and in this way, it may be possible for both parties to see their mistakes in the best way. Along with mistakes, couples can best understand what the problem is.

What is the Purpose of Couples Therapies?

It is wrong to believe that the aim of couples therapy is for couples to continue their relationship happily. If individuals are in severe conflict and this has damaged the roots of the relationship, it would be wrong to expect therapy to restore it. This behavior is similar to breaking an electronic device and then requesting a replacement for the same product from the supplier, and unfortunately it is quite difficult or even impossible under all circumstances. For this reason, we should not expect the couples therapy to return to their former state in any case.

Couples therapies do not actually guide couples. That is, “You must leave.” or “It's good to be together, keep it.” It does not affect the course of the relationship with such advice. The purpose of couples therapy is not to decide what couples should do about their relationship. Couples therapies basically allow seeing the course of relationships, and accordingly, they can enable individuals to enter into a decision-making process. If the problems are not so advanced, the aim is to enable individuals to see their mistakes or problems. At this point, relationship therapy can actually be considered as meeting with a mediator. The reason for this is to have been able to capture an impartial, non-judgmental, transparent perspective on the problems of the relationship. For this reason, relationship therapies are beneficial in many ways.

What is the Characteristics of Couples Therapies?

What makes couples therapy different from chatting with friends or talking to your spouse or partner during the day? The fact that couples therapy is completely impartial, transparent, clear and, in fact, open to every view in ethical terms distinguishes it from all other ways of problem solving. In this way, individuals have the opportunity to openly express their problems without thinking that they are being judged. In addition, thanks to couples therapy, individuals have the opportunity to see their mistakes from an impartial and clear point of view. In fact, this is a very important determinant in recognizing the problems of relationships and resolving these problems as soon as possible.

For whom is Family and Couples Therapy Special?

Family and couple therapies actually have a wide range of applications. This area should not be restricted to couples or parents only. There are many topics included in this field. For example, apart from couple relationships, marital problems, divorce and similar situations, it is possible to apply for couple or family therapy in the following cases:

As supportive therapy in child, adolescent and adult mental health conditions
As supportive therapy in cases such as alcohol and substance abuse
In grief, loss and trauma
Changes in family life (moving, changing living conditions, job change, etc.)
Developing and acquiring parenting skills
To support families with a step member
In economic problems
To support migrant families

It is possible to receive couples therapy or therapy with couples in one or more of these situations, and since these therapies will provide serious professional support, they are very important in preventing psychological disorders that may actually occur.

How is Family or Couples Therapy Applied?

Family or couple therapy is not a form of therapy that requires family members or couples to be in the same environment at the same time. Family or couple therapies can be applied in many different ways. One of these is that all relevant family members or at least. It is the realization of therapy when the couple is together in the room. During this therapy, it is possible for couples to talk on the same subject and actually meet on a common ground.

In addition to therapies where all family members or the couple are together, individuals can also be interviewed individually in couple and family therapies. Usually psychologists prefer this as a first step. First of all, it is examined how individuals behave, attitudes and discourses in a single way. Afterwards, couples or families can be brought together and therapy can be continued in this way. This is actually quite important for a clearer understanding of the attitudes of individuals.

What should couples who do not want to go to therapy do?

Sometimes a couple may not want to go to therapy. In this case, too, it will become clearer to see how important therapy actually is. Therapies will be highly effective in bringing these conflicts, disagreements and problems to a clearer view.

If you have a partner who does not want to go to therapy, the purpose of therapy can be clearly explained to him, and it can be explained that this therapy is necessary for a clear acceptance of the problems of the relationship. In this way, the person can actually understand the seriousness of the situation. There have been many times when partners who do not want to go to therapy want to go to couple therapy spontaneously after a while. For this reason, partners who do not want to go to therapy should not be forced by too much pressure and should be explained in an appropriate language why therapy is necessary. In this way, the first step for individuals to begin to understand, listen and respect each other will be taken easily.

What Topics Can Be Discussed During Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is a place to go without some sort of moral or ethical judgment. It is possible to talk about many issues such as cheating, lying, deception, violence, sexual life in couples therapy, and it should be known that you will never be judged on these issues. In this way, it will be possible to see the basis of violence, deception and all other problems.

It is important to be honest during couples therapy. Only in this way can this honesty become possible in a neutral space where there is no judgment or support. For this reason, individuals should be able to talk openly and clearly about every issue in the relationship during couple therapy. Only in this way will it be possible for the couples to find solutions to the problems they experience in the most appropriate way, and the source of the problems will be determined in this way.

In order to solve your problems in a solution-oriented manner with the Ask-Solve Method, you can call online or face to face and get a session on +90532 158 35 55.

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