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How Open Are You to Criticism?
How Open Are You to Criticism?
 The whole world recognized him at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. But it; He had neither broken a record nor equaled a record. The title of slowest swimmer in Olympic history was given to him for swimming 100 meters in 1.52.72 seconds. This guinea swimmer is Eric Moussambani. The swimmer, nicknamed the Eel, could not stand the criticism and hired a private trainer and entered the camp. He came second in the first round qualifiers of the World Swimming Championship, which started in Japan. Moussambani, who achieved this success despite the injury in his shoulder, said, “Everyone criticized me very much, but I believed that I would be successful, I was determined and succeeded. Someday everyone will applaud me ”.
During our lifetime, each of us is often surrounded by critical words. These could be stepping stones or words with hurtful needles that leave deep wounds. Perhaps these questions will give you clues about your approach to criticism. Perhaps this is essential for your success like Moussambani. This test will help you distinguish between criticism and criticism. How Open Are You to Criticism? Test

Answer the following questions as Yes or No.
1. Are you happy when you are alone? Yes No
2. Do you know what surprises await you each day? Yes No
3. Can you do many things well? Yes No
4. Do you think fate games mean cheats for you? Yes No
5. When you make a mistake, would you accept it instead of finding an excuse? Yes No
6. Do you like everyone you meet? Yes No
7. Do you have nightmares most of the time? Yes No
8. Are you kind to people who criticize you? Yes No
9. Do other people's problems concern you genuinely? Yes No
10. Do you take the time to consider both your strengths and weaknesses? Yes No

1. Yes: "If a human God Gift has an inner stillness, it is not possible to escape by man-made storms." Norman Vincente Peale
2. Yes: “I am an engineer, well trained to sense problems before they occur. I know that my ancestors sooner or later suffered from the ache of criticism. That's why I was prepared when I moved to the White House. " Herbert Hoove, former US Senator
3. Yes: "Rest with the pleasure of doing good work and let others talk about you as they please." Pythagoras
4. No: "If you believe in destiny, believe it, at least for your own good." Edward Bulwer-Lytton
5. Yes: "Ten angels who swear that I am right make no sense if the end of my work turns me wrong." Abraham Lincoln
6. No: "To claim that you are affected by every person you meet is to lie to yourself." US Proverb
7. No: "Don't let our inexplicable dreams take over our soul." William shakespeare
8. Yes: "Goodness is stronger than bad faith." Norman Vincente Peale
9. Yes: If you understand others, you will see knowledgeable: "It is easier to be critical than right." Disraeli
10. Yes: “He knows others who know himself; and he cannot teach great lessons to other people who are ignorant of him. " Caleb colton
8-10 correct answers: Most likely criticism does not hurt you, but you are taking advantage of it. You approach your problems rationally and with a very good sense of your emotions. Never lose faith that criticism improves you.
4-7 correct answer: You tend to ponder when you say negative words, but fortunately it depends on who is doing the criticism and the current frame of your mind. Always shield against destructive criticism, be your last word.
0-3 correct answer: Don't let criticism wear you down. Because of your sensitive temperament and introversion, criticism can easily hurt you. According to psychologists, if you compassionately understand the nature of the people around you, their interpretations or gestures will no longer be sarcastic for you. Remember also the words of the great piano teacher Theodor Leschetizky: “We learn a lot from the unpleasant words people say because they make us think; whereas good things only make us happy. "

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