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Effective Manipulation Methods Commonly Used by Narcissistic, Sociopath, and Psychopathic People
Effective Manipulation Methods Commonly Used by Narcissistic, Sociopath, and Psychopathic People

If we live in this world, unfortunately, we need to be informed about manipulation methods...

1. Blame Manipulation

In this method known as 'projection', the person ignores his own inadequacies and faults and claims that the guilty and unjust party is the other party. In this manipulation method, which is used extensively especially by narcissists to intimidate and silence the other party, it is aimed to make the other person feel guilty.

2. Gaslighting Manipulation

Gaslighting, which does not have a Turkish equivalent, is known as a method of psychological torture/manipulation to make the other person doubt himself over time by playing various games. The scary thing about this method is that it's almost impossible for the victim to spot it. One of the reasons is that we trust people we love and tend to believe their word. Worse still, many of us may have been subjected to such manipulation at one time or another without even realizing it; even on a small scale.

You can find detailed information on this subject in my previous Gaslighting article, which received very positive and constructive feedback, advice and thanks from many quarters.

3. Deliberately distorting what is said Manipulation

Everything you say in the presence of a sociopath or psychopath can suddenly be interpreted as your feelings are unstable, your character is not settled, you are irrational. These types of people are pretty good at approaching your ideas from a very unrelated perspective and inferring meanings that might not exist. At irrelevant times, 'So you say I'm perfect?', 'So what, did you mean bad to me now?' It is possible to hear such sentences from their mouths frequently. In this way, they try to dispel your correct judgments about them with counter-arguments.

4. Bullshit Manipulation

When narcissistic and sociopathic people get into an argument, they hurl words at the other party. They also use many methods at this time, such as irrelevant arguments, constantly turning them around and bringing the subject to the same place, associating the other's irrelevant features with the subject. Thus, they aim to intimidate, confuse, and distract the other person from the main subject. Sometimes they can even make you feel guilty for your thoughts.

5. Hollow Arguments and Generalizing Manipulation

This type of people are usually completely closed to different points of view, so they accept their own views as the clear truth and try to make the other person feel bad for thinking differently. It tweezes those that suits you among the dozens of things you say, and by making irrelevant arguments about them, it both ignores other points and makes you give up after a point.

6. Manipulation of Destructive Criticism as Constructive Criticism

When sociopathic people criticize you, they are not really constructive at all, on the contrary, they are in a state of pure attack and try to humiliate you. When you express this to your face, they will react against you and say that your thoughts are sick and trying to help you. Worst of all, they are criticizing you in a way even while doing this.

At the same time, they always find something to criticize you, no matter what you do, you cannot escape their criticism. It's also called 'moving the goalposts', it moves the goal away whenever you approach the goal, so even if you reach your goals 'Why didn't you do that?' they begin to criticize from a different point of view.

7. Backstage Manipulation

When narcissistic and sociopathic people realize that they cannot dominate you one-on-one, they start lobbying behind your back. It sneaks up on your loved ones, tries to follow their habits, and over time, it tries to infect these people in a very subtle way with their sick thoughts towards you.

8. Pushing Your Limits Manipulation

These types of people often push your boundaries, try to cross your red lines to see how far you can be manipulated. The more subjects they succeed in doing this, the easier it is for them to manipulate. They will learn about your weaknesses and try to use them against you. It is difficult to convince such people that they are making mistakes, so never believe them when they say they will get better.

9. Attack Manipulation

One of the methods that people like narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths most like to use is this manipulation. After they do whatever it takes to connect you to them and make you feel a very strong bond with them, they start to bring their narcissistic features to the forefront and exhibit humiliating attitudes towards you. You try to solve the situation for a long time because there is a strong bond between them, but in vain, this whole process You are subjected to some kind of psychological torture.

10. Self-shaming Manipulation

'How can someone like you think this?', 'You should be ashamed of yourself', 'Does this suit you?' They try to make you believe that you made big mistakes and embarrass yourself with sentences like. Thus, they try to destroy your self-esteem and undermine your self-confidence.

11. Exaggerated Joking Manipulation

Narcissistic, sociopathic and psychopathic people consider it their duty to make jokes about things you don't like. When you react, 'What the heck, it was just a little joke.' they try to get out of it by saying, and even state that you have no sense of humor.

Please always trust your feelings and walk away if you think you are facing this type of behavior, even if you have the slightest doubts. Do not trust anyone more than yourself, do not put anyone's happiness before your own. Life is short, even shorter to be manipulated. If you can't cope with the manipulations despite everything, I definitely recommend that you contact me at +90544 724 36 50 and get professional help.

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